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Pellet plant

  Traveling Grate Machine-Rotary Kiln-Annular Cooler palletizing is an advanced technique with sufficient utilization of recycled energy, clean surroundings, high quality of pellet, low energy consumption as well as high economic and environmental benefit.
In this system, raw material has high and broad adaptability, man can use not only magnetite, but also hematite concentrate, and the produced pellet has following advantages in commercialization: high

grade of iron content, good metallurgical property, suitability for long time storage and long distance transportation and so on.
Now man has set up scores of Traveling grate machine-Rotary kiln-Annular cooler palletizing lines in China , whose performance is excellent.
Special service for pellet plant project

  Main system: Annular cooler, Rotary kiln, Traveling grate machine, Screen & distributor, Disc pelletiser, Damp mill, Dryer, Proportioning, Water charging & discharging, Gas flow system, Dust collecting, Electricals, Instrument & automation and so on.

Annular cooler
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Traveling grate machine
Disc pelletiser
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